At the end of September, The Tapeworm commences its tenth birthday celebrations with two bangin’ XWORM concerts in London town…


The Tapeworm x Iklectik

On Thursday 26 September, The Tapeworm celebrates its tenth birthday at Iklectik — AV performances from Zeno van den Broek and Blood Music, plus a People Like Us short. Splendid trio Tears|Ov premiere their forthcoming album on The Wormhole, ‘A Hopeless Place’. Savage Pencil x Barbara Frost launch their new Bookworm paperback, ‘Cuckoo Head Cool Dog’ with a book singing. Collaborating for the first time, The Howling is a Ken Hollings/Howlround soundclash. To end it all, Dale Cornish will be banging out a ‘Dale on 45’ megamix of his greatest worms.

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The Tapeworm x Cafe OTO

On Sunday 29 September, The Tapeworm celebrates its tenth birthday at Cafe OTO — debuting his ‘Devotional Songs for Spacemen 3 in the Style of Love Inc.’, Jay Glass Dubs will be playing live. Philip Jeck x Jana Winderen will perform as a duo for the first time ever. Splendid saxophonist Laura Agnusdei premieres her forthcoming album on The Wormhole, ‘Laurisilva’. Marta de Pascalis will blow your mind, while Stefan Goldmann is gonna go all acousmatic. Simon Fisher Turner is playing piano and life-sounds. The interim minstrel will be Zerocrop.

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To celebrate our tenth birthday, The Tapeworm, The Wormhole and The Bookworm will be pushing a plethora of Very Exciting XWORM Product™.

TTW#123 – XYZ (an ABC of The Tapeworm as Mixed by Dale Cornish)

A mixtape in an edition of 150 copies starring a scrambled ABC of The Tapeworm, as mixed by Dale Cornish. Initially available only at at (also on sale at The Tapeworm’s XWORM 10th anniversary shows). Featuring, not in alphabetical order… A is for Laura Agnusdei, B is for Blood Music, C is for Dale Cornish, D is for The Dead Mauriacs, E is for Michael Esposito, F is for Le Forbici Di Manitù, G is for Stefan Goldmann, H is for Howlround, I is for Iceman Junglist Kru, J is for Jay Glass Dubs, K is for Kostis Kilymis, L is for Davide Luciani, M is for Achim Mohné, N is for NYZ, O is for OUT, P is for Marta de Pascalis, Q is for Quietitude, R is for Rishaug Marhaug, S is for Steinbrüchel, T is for Tears|Ov, U is for UnicaZürn, V is for Wouter Van Veldhoven, W is for Paul H Williams, X is for X-Ray Sally, Y is for Yol and Z is for Ziúr x Château Laut

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TTW#118 – Aaron Turner – Interminable Conniption

Cassette in an edition of 200 copies. Interminable Conniption finds avant metallurgist Aaron Turner ruminating on the aberrant possibilities of solo electric guitar. Herein Turner focuses on psychoemotional atmospherics built from the sonic detritus of a full-stack and a few effects pedals.

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TTW#117 – Swantje Lichtenstein and Jono Podmore – Hallraum

Cassette in an edition of 100 copies. Improvised site-specific performance accompanying and responding to the sights and sounds of Worringerplatz, Düsseldorf, Germany, 10 August 2018.

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TBW#04 – SavFrost
Cuckoo Head Cool Dog

Savage Pencil x Barbara Frost’s ‘Cuckoo Head Cool Dog’ is a perfect 192pp paperback – available with a Papal Purple or Germolene Pink jacket. Releases 27 September 2019. Available to pre–order now.

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WHO#10 – Vodou/Rara

WHO#10 is a 10” vinyl in an edition of 100 copies, also available digitally. It features Port-au-Prince field recordings by Achim Mohné, recorded in December 2015 during a residency at the Ghetto Biennale, Haiti. With thanks to: Ghetto Biennale, Leah Gordon, Atis Rezistans, Gabriel Toso, the priests and priestesses, the members of the all-female rara band, the percussionists, Clocktower Radio and all the Haitian People. Releases 27 September 2019. Available to pre–order now.

‘Tanbou prete pa janm fè bon dans’
(‘A borrowed drum never makes good dancing’)

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The Tapeworm’s latest tapes are quite remarkable, too…