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The Tapeworm and Through the Looking Glasses present:
‘MEMOREX — Bonfire of the BASF’

Friday 3 November 2023
7:00pm – 10:00pm

Remember, remember the 3rd of November… This third instalment of Memorex – an evening of music, memories and magnetic reels – is a seasonal sonic seance ghosted by Travis Elborough featuring spirited conversation with Ruth Beyer and Caroline Wise, eerie acoustics by Kemper Norton and spooled spookiness from The Howling.

The Horse Hospital
Colonnade, London WC1N 1JD

Tickets on sale now:

Caroline Wise has a life-long interest in the strange phenomena. A former owner of The Atlantis Bookshop and editor in the 1990s of The Occult Observer, she specialises in researching ancient goddesses, the mythology of London and spirit of place. Her books include The Secret Lore of London and most recently Here Comes the Candle: A Photographic Summoning of London Ghosts, a collaboration with the photographer Ruth Beyer.

Austrian-born photographer Ruth Bayer has work featured in many music and occult publications. Her photography books include Skipping to Armageddon - Current 93 and Friends, and Coil - Camera, Light, Oblivion (both Strange Attractor Press). For the book Here Comes The Candle - A Photographic Summoning of London Ghosts, Ruth re-imagined reported sightings of ghosts in various London locations and created images to accompany the accounts written by Caroline Wise. Ruth lives in London where she runs a long-established Gardnerian Wicca coven.

The Howling is a collaborative project started by writer Ken Hollings and sound artist Howlround devoted exclusively to their shared love of text, audiotape and Trash Aesthetics. An intense collision of spoken word and analogue tape effects, The Howling provide the missing link between John Cage and Suicide. The Wormhole has just released their second album, Incredible Night Creatures of the Midway. Its lead single ‘David Gest, Liza Minnelli, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor’ soundtracked Loewe’s SS24 Paris runway show, incredibly…

Praised by The Wire for ‘creating something moving, eerie and somewhat chilling out of almost nothing‘, Kemper Norton is a Brighton-based Cornwall-born musician who uses digital and analogue hardware and software, acoustic instruments, field recordings and traditional song to explore neglected or original areas of landscape and folklore. Recurring themes include the processes and narratives surrounding industrial and post-industrial Cornwall, and in particular the china clay pits of St Austell.

Described by The Guardian as ‘one of the country’s finest pop culture historians’, Travis Elborough is an award-winning author, whose books include Atlas of Vanishing Places and The Long-Player Goodbye, a hymn to vinyl records that inspired the BBC4 documentary ‘When Albums Ruled the World’, in which he also appeared.

Tickets on sale now: